Information on the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)

The federal government has announced a new benefit of $2,000 per month for 4 months that will work alongside EI to assist Canadians who are financially affected by COVID-19. For more details, please click here.

Message from Dave

Many people are facing increasing fear, confusion and uncertainty. Concern for loved ones, the loss of connectiveness because of isolation, frustration over not being in control of our lives, uncertainty over what is the right thing to do from a poor list of choices. What information can we trust?
As your Member of Parliament, my commitment to you is to advocate for your needs, and to do my best to provide you with accurate and timely information by which to make decisions affecting you and your family’s health, safety and investment. Not an easy task given today’s realities.
These past few weeks, as a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, I talked with Canada’s Global Affairs Minister about border safety protocols at border crossings like Windsor, and participated in dis-cussions in Ottawa about how to be more efficient with our testing, how to ensure our front line workers have enough safe equipment, how the machinery of government needs to act as swiftly as it can to get whatever relief we can into the hands of people ASAP.
Here in the riding, I have reached out to 83 and counting, local organizations and leaders around the riding such as businesses, community organizations, industry associations, government officials, health agencies, employers, seniors homes, self employed, financial institutions, food workers, our amazing health care workers, parents, tourism operators, service providers, local retailers, truckers, and more.
Seniors are worried about getting supplies since they are so vulnerable to the virus. People want to know how to apply for government support. Isolation and mental health are serious concerns. Many are worried about the hit their retirement investment has taken and what they can do.
Many people have limited resources to cope if this loss of work and business continues for more than a week or two—which it will. They want to know what their government is going to do to help them make ends meet today, next week and next month. The federal and provincial governments are putting in place unprecedented amount of dollars which will balloon into trillions. Still, it will not be enough money to replace what is being lost, or delivered in time to save some businesses and personal finances who only have enough to get them through a week or two.
We still have more questions than answers, but we begin with respecting people enough to entrust them with honest information and a caring heart. My staff and I are committed to doing our best to keep up with the needs of the 110,000 residents I represent. We will make mistakes, we may take time to respond to you, but we will give our very best.

- Dave


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